Kumho Tires Review

Have you ever thought that you would like to give a cheaper brand of tires a go but weren’t sure about the difference in quality? At kumhotiresreview.com we have actually paid 3 professionals who work with tires or whose lives depend on the quality of their tires to write for us a Kumho tires review. We asked them to be impartial and actually paid them before the article was written because what we wanted was to somehow repay them for taking the time to really think about it and give us their honest opinion. We are not affiliated with Kumho tires and therefore have no interested other than providing you with several unbiased opinions and hearing back from you and learning from your experience if you have used Kumho tires yourselves. In the meanwhile here’s what our specialists said!

Kumho Tires Review by George McCaskey – Auto Inspector

Just like any tire company Kumho has both very good and very bad tires. They will never be able to reach the quality level that Michelin when you compare by category but the obvious fact is that the high end Kumho tires are better than the mid-range Michelins. So that really raises the question of which company you should approach and that is something that only your own driving abilities and the types of terrains you go through every day. However, kumhotiresreview.net asked me to give them my honest opinion so that they could post it in the Kumho tires review blog section of their site so I am going to assume you decided to go for Kumho and I am going to give you my favorite Kumho tires and I will explain why I think they are the best… Click Here To Read On!

Kumho Tires Review By Jane Oldman – Mechanic

I know that there aren’t many women mechanics but I think it is a job that could benefit a lot from a woman’s pragmatic view of a car. And it is something particularly useful when you are asked by kumhotiresreview.com to give them your opinion about Kumho tires. That is particularly because if there is an equivalent of a women’s classical fascination with shoes in the men’s world then it is their obsession with tires. And so even the most impartial of men will always tend to go for the brand of a tire rather than its performance while I am really not that impressed if I see Firestone on a set of wheels… Click Here To Read On!

Kumho Tires Review by Mike Hofstadter – Ice Climber Impassionate

Let me just start by saying how impressed I am that the guys from kumhotiresreview.com have actually put so much effort into finding people that have a relevant opinion to share about Kumho tires and, in my case snow tires in general. But the truth is that my Kumho tires review is not the first one I have been asked to give since I have been asked to give because of the extensive ice driving I do every year to find the best frozen waterfalls for ice climbing tournaments… Click Here To Read On!

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